Jon Tornbom

Jon Tornbom

CF-L2 Coach

Fran - 2:55

Cindy - 26+ rounds

Annie - 5:35

Open WOD 17.1/21.2 - 13:05

McGhee - 21+ rounds

Front Squat 1RM - 336


CrossFit Level 2

Athletes Performance Training Course

Special Forces Combat Diver

About Coach

I grew up playing sports and always stayed physically active as a kid. In high school, I played football, wrestled, and swam. After high school, I joined the military. I was never satisfied with the norm I saw in the military, so I strived to be something more. Being fit was the key to my success during my 26-year career. I became a Special Forces Operator, and Combat Diver, and endured multiple combat deployments overseas. Fitness has always been my relief and constant that keeps me going and that passion has channeled my efforts toward others.

Turning Point

To me, the enemy has always been complacency or mediocre. In my life, I have been able to rise above both of these and achieve the goals I’ve set forth in my life. It hasn’t always been easy, but nothing in life is.

Motivation & Passion

I coach because I enjoy pushing others to achieve their full potential. When an athlete gets a movement for the first time or a PR, I’m just as excited or more as they are. Fitness and nutrition are two of the things we can truly control in our lives, and I’m here to promote both. As a society we spend too much time justifying mediocre, I want to change that.

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