Allyson Quesada

Allyson Quesada

Yoga Instructor


Sexual Assault Victim Advocate

200h Registered Yoga Instructor, Yoga Alliance

About Coach

I’m a SW Florida native who moved to Oahu, HI in support of my husband’s military career. I work as an Executive Assistant, but when I’m not working I love to surf, skate, free dive, beach comb, and hike. I began weight training with my husband in my early 20s as a way to stay active, but I struggled to stay structured when hitting the gym alone. During my husband's first deployment, I went to a yoga class and instantly fell in love. I began practicing yoga regularly and experiencing how it helped me feel stronger, less anxious, and more mindful. Yoga became a catalyst for further change in my life, and I found myself enjoying my everyday life much more. After eight years of doing yoga, I joined Homegrown Yoga in Warner Robins, GA. While there, I obtained my 200-hour yoga teaching certification under Rachel Gerrity, E-RYT 500. Following my training, I began teaching classes in the studio, on base, and in the community. I moved to Kapolei in August of 2023, where I continue to embrace my passion for yoga and the outdoors. Feats of Strength/Endurance Things I’m proud of: -Hosting a charity yoga class that raised over $800 for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA), a nonprofit whose staff attends court with foster care children to advocate for their needs. -Teaching a lady's auto skills class on changing a tire and the proper use of roadside safety equipment. -Learning to surf and starting to skate again as an adult!

Turning Point

When I was younger, I was always frustrated that I wasn't doing more, despite feeling like I was always exhausted from doing too much. I was half go-getter and half couch potato, and my brain and body were in a never-ending battle that made me restless. Recognizing the reality that I was justifying my poor life choices was my biggest turning point. Ditching my reliance on ultra-processed food and sugary drinks after growing up in a family who always kept the house stocked with them was the most challenging thing I've done, and will always continue to be a challenge for me. My turning point was when I realized that no one was capable of helping me more than myself. I learned to embrace change, challenge myself, and not be scared of a little discomfort. The process of self-betterment has been the remedy to my restlessness and has helped me become a more resilient person.

Motivation & Passion

I believe that yoga challenges us in ways that benefit all aspects of life, while still being accessible to us on our hardest days. In my experience of teaching yoga to military members, athletes, office workers, retirees, and college students, I learned we can all benefit from an hour a day of mindful movement. When you get on the mat and allow yourself to focus on your body-mind connection, you are training more than just your muscles. Yoga builds resilience, relaxes the body, and calms the mind. My passion for teaching yoga stems from my desire to share these skills and benefits with the members of my community. I’m motivated to give back to my community whenever I can and believe that nothing is more fulfilling than being a part of something that helps others.

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