Our Starting Strength program makes use of the body's most basic movement patterns - barbell exercises that involve all the body's muscle mass - utilized over the longest effective range of motion and loaded progressively, to force the adaptations necessary for increased strength.

Unlike other popular exercise protocols, Starting Strength is a training system - a long-term process designed for getting stronger over time, it's not a random collection of exercises that just make you hot, sweaty, sore, confused, and tired, nor a list of new exercises from the fitness magazine designed by Physical Therapists for injured sedentary people, nor a way to use the newest machines in a corporate health club. Starting Strength is a systematic approach to the classic barbell training method of improving Strength - the most critical characteristic of successful athletes and healthy, useful people. 

Monday, Wednesday, & Thursday | 5:30pm


The main focus of Oly Club is to improve the technical execution of barbell lifts, such as the snatch, clean and jerk, and related lifts. Members of our Barbell Club can expect to work on improving the efficiency of barbell lifts, execute auxiliary exercises, and perform other drills to supplement the Olympic lifts. Want to increase your strength? Improve your coordination? Jump higher? Run faster? Decrease your WOD times? Do a muscle up? Then you should be practicing your Olympic weightlifting in Oly Club.

Tuesday & Thursday 7pm | Saturday 9am

Youth Oly Club | Tuesday & Thursday | 3:30pm


Mobility is a movement-theory-based class in which athletes are exposed to the principles and actions of a movement and mobility method of resolving pain, preventing injury, and optimizing athletic performance. On occasion, performance can be brought to an abrupt halt by dysfunctional movement patterns and underlying restrictions. Oftentimes, the factors that impede performance are invisible to not only the untrained eye, but also to the majority of coaches and athletes. Mobility is a systematic approach to addressing these factors and illuminating common movement errors that can cause injury and reduce an athlete's speed, power, endurance, and strength. If you have a history of inflexibility and/or experienced muscle soreness after a WOD in the past, Mobility will provide the practical solutions for alleviating those issues.

Monday & Wednesday | 5:30pm


Our CrossFit Kids program teaches proper form and mechanics in functional and athletic movements in classes that are different every day and feature an emphasis on FUN! Our program teaches children to love fitness by making fitness fun and accessible for all. Each child is instructed at his or her level, allowing each child to experience challenge and reward in every class.

Mondays and Wednesdays | 5:30pm | Ages 4 - 12


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