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Step 1:

Come in and join our free Saturday 8:30am* intro class. (Please fill out form below to let us know, or come in before class.)

In the 1 hour class, you can expect our coaches to educate you on the CrossFit methodology. Go over the skills and movements, for the workout. Followed by warm-up and the  Workout Of the Day (W.O.D.)  During which, Coaches keep an eye on your form and technique, giving cues to ensure you do the movements correctly and, most importantly, safely.

Step 2:

Following the Intro Session, members are required to take our beginners class with one of CFWO’s coaches. Beginners class will teach you some of the basics of CrossFit, movement technique,  methodology, and terminology, as well as give you a great workout!

The beginners class is FREE with the purchase of your 1st month Unlimited membership ($180). 

Step 3:

At the completion of the beginners class  you can join, the CFWO community, in the regular classes. Depending on your comfort level, you may also choose to set up One-on-Ones with a trainer, or have a trainer alongside you during class for a discounted rate.

These 3 steps are integral, to make sure you are comfortable at the start of your CrossFit journey, and will lead to greater success!

*Interested in our FREE INTRO CLASS but Saturday does not fit your schedule? Please fill out this form, and we will set something up!

(**Free Intro Class available only to Oahu residents that have not previously held CFWO membership or completed a free trial.)


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